The Squadron provides a range of capabilities to Defence ranging from data collection (including geodetic survey), provision of terrain analysis and advice to planners, and geographic information dissemination in an operational environment using modern software and state-of-the-art technology.

Since 2001, a total of 38 soldiers from the Sqn have deployed on 53 operational tours. Not bad for a squadron sized unit!

Theatre Map Depot in Iraq

Geographic Information Dissemination (GID) is the supply of geospatial information to Defence. This could be paper mapping or digital geographic products. All soldiers in 135 Geo Squadron are GID qualified.

Geospatial Analysis

For those who already have a Geo background, and the requisite skill level, there are opportunities to employ you across Defence.

Cross country driving

All our soldiers receive driver training to qualify on our fleet of vehicles for on and off road driving.

Military Survey

Survey is another main Squadron role. We have the latest survey equipment to conduct highly accurate positioning survey tasks.

Military Training

Military training includes infantry training, living in the field, shooting, navigation and survival training.

Community Engagement

We have strong links with Community partners and education establishments.

Bulk Reproduction

Bulk Reproduction is a new capability it is a set of eight plotters, mounted on two vehicles that can plot hundreds of maps in an hour. All soldiers in 135 Geo Squadron are currently being trained in Bulk Reproduction.

Adventure Training

Adventurous Training provides soldiers an opportunity to develop their team building skills and leadership, physical fitness, and physical courage.

Social Event at Epsom

There is a thriving social element within the squadron with many events throughout the year.