The following should give you an idea of what training you may undertake in your first 5 years.

Year 1

  • Become a Trained Soldier

    • Attend the basic recruit training course and pass out as a trained soldier. This consists of 6 weekends and a 2-week recruits course.

Year 2 to 4

  • Become a Combat Engineer

    • Attend a 2-week Foundation course where you learn the basics of being a Royal Engineer such as power tools, bridge building and explosives.

  • Become a trained Geographic Technician

    • Attend a 2-week Intermediate Geographic course trade that teaches you everything you need to know to operate as a Geo soldier and learn to cross country drive and maintain a Land Rover

  • Attend a Leadership course to become a Lance Corporal

    • Attend a 2-week leadership course to prepare you to become a L/Cpl, promotion is based on aptitude.

Year 5

  • Further develop your Geographic trade skills at the managerial level

    • Attend a 2-week Advanced GEO TECH) Trade course and pass your civilian lorry license

    • Additional follow on activities including leadership courses for promotion, adventure training, familiarisation on driving military trucks and fork lifts, and learning survey and bulk reproduction skills


The above is a guide, some courses are modular so may be able to be done in a different order.


The key time constraint is how much time you can get off work, some have achieved this much quicker!

Route marching
Theatre Map Depot in Afghanistan
Infantry training
Fork lift driver training
Infantry training
On Exercise
Cross country driving